10 Facebook latest Tips and Tricks | Use facebook mobile app like a Pro

Using facebook app is one of the fast and accessible means People go online on there facebook profile and page. This allows them carry and access there facebook account as a mobile, anywhere and anytime. Many people use facebook but don’t know the features that have been made available for their usage.

This platform has been available to enlighten mobile app users of facebook of the privileges that has been made available for on facebook.

-Do you know you can actually stop people from posting on your facebook timeline?

  • On your facebook mobile app menu you will see thisfacebook tips icon, click on it. A new list of items will be displayed.
  • Scroll down you will see “HELP AND SETTINGS” as a heading
  • Locate and click “Account Settings” another list of option will pop up

facebook tips and tricks

  • Click on “Timeline and tagging”.  when a new option pop’s up then select  “Who can post on your Timeline”

facebook tricks and tips

  • The last option will allow you to select either “Friends” or “Only me” Then you have to select “Only me” to stop people from posting on your Timeline.

facebook tips and trick

– You can Review posts people tag you in before they can appear on your Timeline.

Take the same procedure with the above instruction then getting to instruction (4) you will see on the option “Review posts people tag you in before they can appear on your Timeline” select it and turn it “ON”

facebook tips and tricks

-You have an option to determine who sees the posts you are tagged in on your Timeline also who can see what others post on your Timeline.

Take the same procedure and on getting to the instruction (4) you will see a heading with “Who can see things on your Timeline” then the options are listed below it for you to make your choice.

facebook tricks amd tips

-You have an option to turn on Data saver to reduce the consumption of your data.

If you have experienced a situation where video’s on your News feed plays automatically, This option when enabled can also prevent video’s that play on your News Feed from playing automatically and allows you to control it. This feature also reduces Picture size due to large pictures consumes data.

Here is how it works;

Follow the procedure above, on getting to the instruction (2) Select and Enable “Data Saver”

facebook tips and tricks

-Your Activity Log shows everything you’ve liked, shared, and commented on in the past.

Where you can find your Activity Log. Following same procedure as above and stopping at instruction (2) then scroll down to Locate Activity Log.

facebook tips and tricks

-You save an interesting post that you don’t have the time to look through at a particular time for later attention.

  • In any post on your News Feed you will see a small turned down angle, click on it.

facebook tips and tricks

  • A drop down option will appear where you will select “Save Post

facebook trick and tips

-You can decide to hide post that you don’t want to be displayed on your News Feed

On the same drop down option as above locate “Hide Post” or “Hide all from the Sender”   for any post you wish to hide then select “Hide Post” or to hide all post from sender  but will remain friends with the sender  select  “Hide all”

facebook tips and trick

-You can decide to unfollow friend which will also stop you from seeing the person’s post forever

On the same option as above locate and select “Unfollow friend forever” this option is immediately below Hide all.