Release of Self Driving Cars | Arrival of fully Autonomous Vehicles

uber-self-driving cars

Uber has launch a set of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and finally now in Arizona. The experience of moving along in a self-driving car is pretty incredible. Seeing this self-driving car hit the road seems amazing. Though they are still restricted to specific test areas and driving conditions, it’s obvious that at some point in the future, completely driverless cars will be a everywhere in reality.

When that future will arrive, depends on the automakers.

Full Autonomous Cars Forcast From Different Automaker

  •  Volvo is releasing self-driving cars on public roads in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017


This automaker is working towards releasing 100 self-driving cars in china. Both Sweden and china will be experiencing this auto pilot in 2017. Moreover this swish automaker is also working hard in making their cars Death-proof by 2020.

  • Ford in 2017 will begin testing its self-driving cars in Europe.


This automaker will triple the number of its self-driving cars before the ending of 2017 from 30 to 100. Has also predicted to advance its technology by 2021. This advancement includes making self-driving taxi’s without steering wheel, brake or gas pedal.

  • General Motors is planning on conducting it’s tests on self-driving car in snowy conditions in other to gain more advantage.


GM already have a fleet of 40 autonomous of self-driving cars and began testing in 2017. The automaker started testing its self-driving cars in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona. Michigan is the first state to establish regulations that allow the use, testing and sales of self driving cars.

Marry Bara from GM has commented on the need to test this new innovation in difficult roads conditions like snow. Many other automaker still have a long way to go as their self-driving cars are not yet ready for certain weather condition.

  • BMW is making great efforts to complete its self-driving car in 2017 in other to take part on Uber.


The automaker is still on the test for it’s fleet of self-driving cars in Munich as part of its improvements to get into the autonomous, self-driving car business. BMW currently has a car-sharing service, ReachNow, being part of its improvements.

  • Google’s company, Waymo might launch a robot taxi fleet with its partner Fiat Chrysler in 2017.  Not yet confirmed.



Sergey Brin the founder of Google made it known to the public that the company is making plans on having their drivless cars on the market not later than 2018. During the signing ceremony for california’s autonomous vehicle law, Google path towards commercialization of its self-driving cars was outlined by him. Waymo has been testing a fleet of cars of about 60 self-driving cars in mountain view, california; Metro Phoenix, Arizona; Austin, Texas; and Kirkland, Washington and will test about 100 self-driving Chrysler minivans on public road.

The Information reported that Waymo will leverage its partnership with Fiat Chrysler to launch a fleet of self-driving taxis in 2017, but that has yet to be confirmed.
Google is currently exploring working with Hyundai on self-driving car technology.


Tesla has started installing new features in Tesla cars that improves Autopilot’s capabilities and will allow the cars to become fully autonomous by October. for fully autonomous capabilities to become available will depend on the regulatory environment and further validation testing by Tesla. CEO Elon Musk said the new feature will support full autonomy.

To illustrate the functionality of this technology, Musk commented that a fully self-driving Tesla will drive itself from Los Angeles to New York before the end of 2017.

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