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Facebook customer service help centre is a platform where customers report different cases or issues to facebook service providers for the situation to be rectified. Are you finding it difficult to contact facebook help centre ? Worry Less because this post will guide you on how to contact facebook help centre. Facebook customer service has made provision on their website in other to solve all problems related to your facebook account.  Follow the instructions provided here in other to have your challenges on your facebook account solved.

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Steps on How To Using Facebook Help Centre Customer Service

  1. Go to facebook help centre webpage.
  2. Click on the toolbar which is found at top of the page where an option would be displaced.
  3. The toolbar option includes:
  • Privacy and safety-this has to do with your facebook security, unfriendly people and accounts that have been hacked or faked.
  • Polices and reporting- you can report issues such as spam and account hacking here. if you are having problem with an imposter account, select this and click on hacked and facked account.
  • Using facebook- these will guide you on certain things on facebook.
  • Managing account-these takes care of your settings on facebook account.

4.  Now, follow the detailed instructions to help rectify and solve your problem.

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 Other Options

  1. To report an imposter click on the on-screen instruction and follow the instructions.
  2. You can also click on the search bar at the top of the help centre page you will see something like HI (YOUR NAME), how can we help? here, type in your complaints.
  3. Facebook Ads Help Center page : Go to this place If your business or page is having problems with the advertisement. if your advert is having problems, click on Troubleshooting your advert and select on subsequent menu regarding your issue.

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