Eminem Caught Kissing Mystery Woman In Leaked Video

A video has been leaked where Eminem was caught kissing mystery. Fans believed that the video was leaked to promote clip for slim shady’s upcoming River video.

This video exposed the other side of Eminem who has been known for his private life. The video was filmed with a phone and was leaked on Friday 9th of Februrary.

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The video shows how the mystery woman record Eminem with her phone as he walked into the hotel room and initially, Eminem taught that she was taking a selfie and was but later discovered that she was recording everything with her phone.

The video also shows how Eminem asked her why and she said that they have to document their lives? i guess eminem said.The video also showed how Eminem and the mystery woman were flirting, telling each other how they missed themselves and even kissing the woman on lips and hugging her but he later told her to wait and asked her whether it was recording that was when the video stopped.