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Gmail filter is very essential for Gmail users. One of the stressful thing about having lots of unread mails on your inbox, is the time to differentiate between important mails and non important ones. As a result of having lots of unread mails one might mistakenly over look important mail thinking its not important due to untidy inbox.

Also this can make one not to concentrate on a particular conversation. There is Gmail filter unread inbox that can help you keep your inbox clean. With gmail filter move to folder, you can create rules in Gmail. Gmail manage filters also serves as a Gmail spam blocker

This article will assist you on how you can use gmail filter move to folder to redirect irrelevant mails or unwanted mails to a different folder meaning that one can actually stop certain incoming mail from hitting the inbox but rather moved to another folder in the mail box. With this Gmail block sender filter feature, you will have a neat and clean inbox. This can do the work as a Gmail anti spam by helping to stop gmail spam. You can edit filter to suit your purpose. 

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Create Rules in Gmail | Gmail Spam Settings | Gmail Anti Spam 

  • On the Gmail search tab on top of the Gmail box, Input the keyword or email address you would like to filter to a specific folder and click enter or the search icon by the side of the search tab.
  • Depending on the keyword or email you have searched for, categories or mails from the email address or containing such keyword will be listed. then click on the gray triangle pointing downwards.
  • A box will drop down showing “From, To, Subject, has the words and Doesn’t have” as categories for you to specify on which part of the mail where the keyword or email address will appear on the mail or whether or not it contain the keyword or email address before it will detect it as a filtered mail.
  • After you specify what you want, then click on “create filter with this search”
  • It will navigate to another form where you will tick “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” showing that it wont hit the inbox. If its not hitting the inbox then where will it arrive? that will take us to the “Apply the label” this is an option which you will tick in other to choose label or create  label. label: this is a folder you can create an giving a name of your choice which will appear where other labels like “Inbox, starred, Sent mail, Draft, More” are placed on the sidebar of the mail box.
  • When you’re done creating and selecting label then click on “Create filter
  • You’re good to go. whenever mails that matches the criteria of the filter arrives then you will receive it just on the specified label.


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