How to use Teamviewer to Control another Computer | Download

how to use teamviewer to control another computer

Have you ever been in a situation where you need an urgent technical support and the person to assist you is in a different location from where you are? what would you do? get disappointed?

well, there is better solution to solving this challenge. all you need to do is download and install Teamviewer on your Computer but before that, have it in mind that your partner must also have Teamviewer install on there Computer as well.

Teamviewer is a wonderful tool that will establish a remote connection between two Computers Which has lots of enabling features that will marvel you.

How to Use Teamviewer on your PC

To get started you would need to download this exclusive software by Clicking Here… There are versions for windows, Linux, Mac or mobile. when you click the executable file after download, you will have an option whether to install the application or do a one-time run. also you will need to check how you wish to use the software either “Company/Commercial use, Personal/Non-commercial use, Both of the above”. I will suggest you check the “Personal/Non-commercial use” it is a free version and it will enable you to use the software for a personal or professional purpose such as establishing a remote connection or set up a meeting.


When you have checked, then click on “Accept-finish”.  It will start installation.

Triggering a Remote Connection

After Installation, a new window will come up which is the Home page also known as Remote Control window. In this window, you can either share your ID and Password with a partner to enable them view and have access to your computer or you can request for your partners ID and Password to gain access to there computer.


The person seeking to view and access opponent computer must enter in the box for Partner ID, the opponent ID


After that, Hit the “Connect to partner” button


 Then session will authenticate and request for partner’s Password


when final authentication is done, then you can view, control and access your partners computer. you are allowed to share applications and interact with your partner. locate a both-sided arrow on the title bar. If you choose your connection to be File Transfer  type, you will be allowed to send and receive files. Select the files to be transferred and destination on the other end. Hit the Send or Receive button as needed.


Setup a Meeting

Meeting takes the same process with individual connection. The difference is that in Establishing a connection for a Meeting there is a general ID.  All participant of the Meeting can join using this ID. this ID is generated at the starting of the meeting.


There are no limit to the number of participants that can join. The meeting has a window where different features are all enabled. see below