How To Use ZAO Deepfake App | Download ZAO App

Zao was developed by a subsidiary of Chinese software company Momo, and its popular has soared since debuting last week. The app is now the most downloaded free app in China, as per the latest rankings released by analytics company App Annie. Zao lets users select a scene and then upload a photo of themselves, and in a few seconds, the algorithm renders the media files to stitch together a video clip adding the faces of users to that of actors from popular movies and TV shows.

With the emergence of deepfake technology, superimposing one’s face onto another body, especially in video clips, has become much easier. But this comes at considerable cost to privacy. A Chinese app, Zao, has gained considerable popularity in a short time span by letting users morph their faces over that of their favourite actors, placing themselves in short clips from movies and TV shows. This is analogous to similar experiments with audio, such as Dubsmash.

However, the app  intended to drive light hearted banter on social media places the tools of creating deepfake videos in the pockets of millions. Zao is available to download on Android and iOS for users with a Chinese mobile number. The technology lets people modulate the voices of celebrities as well as stitch their faces onto an actor’s body in a scene, turning the likes of Brad Pitt into a middle-aged banker from Shanghai or a sorghum farmer from Inner Mongolia.

But aside from creating seemingly frivolous and innocuous content, deepfakes pose an existential threat to mainstream media, as the technology can be leveraged to spread misinformation by putting words into the mouths of influential people who wield significant power on world affairs. It also undermines the privacy of individuals, as their social media accounts might have a trove of personal photos, which are rife for harvesting by third parties with malicious intent.

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How To Use ZAO Deepfake App

  • First of All, you can download the Zao app by Clicking Here.
  • Now you can Sign up with your phone number with OTP then you will able to use the app.
  • Now you can take your Pictures or Upload from your gallery.
  • After selecting pics, Now pick the videos of any movie, Show etc from the Zao app gallery.
  • Now your face swap with a celebrity which one on clips, Which one you selected.
  • Now you can share this face swap clips to your friends on social media sites.

Features Of ZAO App

  • Play classic movie clips with your face with this app.
  • You can make a face swap videos only in 30 seconds to take selfies.
  • This app Do not allow internet or public portrait photos to change faces.
  • In this, you can also Play with your friend’s face.
  • In this app, you can make a popular online emoticon pack with your face.
  • This app is only supported for taking real portrait photos for face-changing.
  • Play with your face and idol.

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