John Cena Sued By Ford For Selling His New $500k Ford GT


The WWE superstar John Cena who is also an actor, rapper and reality TV host have been sued by Ford for selling his new Ford GT supercar because he violated a contract deal in which John cena hold onto the the car for atleast 2 years with the company but Cena is selling the car soon after receiving it.

Ford said that they build only limited number of the cars and can only be afford by who are capable of spending such amount of money.Ford also made the purchasing of the car very difficult by asking those applying for itto explain their former relationships with ford products and also to show why they would be good to Ford GT owners, to furnish links to videos and photographs to support their applications.

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Ford claims that John cena made a large profit from the authorized resale of the vehicle and also Ford also claim that John cena caused them damages and losses which include customer goodwill due to improper sale, loss of brand value and Ambassador activity.

Mean while John cena is not the only celebrity that have Ford GT other celebrity such as Joey logano and Justin verlander also owns one.
John cena said that he sold the car and other property to pay his bills while Ford is asking Cena to give them all the profit he made from the sale of the Ford GT and other damages.