Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida – Florida High School Shooting

A public school of about 3,000 students Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School located outside Boca Raton, on wednesday a gunfire was unleashed by the former student of the school killing 17 adults and children and about 15 hospitalized. The former student whose name is Nikolas Cruz a 19 year old was expelled from the school for some reasons.

Investigators believed that Nikolas Cruz pulled the fire alarm to draw the students from there classrooms so as to increase the number of casualitied said the law enforcement agency and because their has been a fire alarm earlier, some think that it was a false alarm.

Some of the student hide in their classrooms while some left the building, some even texted goodbye messages to their families while some where able to film the footage of the incident which they shared on internet.

Melissa Falkowski, a teacher of the school said that she was on her way out of the building when another staff told her that it was an active shooting so she hid in the closet from her newspaper class for nearly 40 minutes.

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The police are investigating Nikolas cruz digital fotprint. The law enforcement agency sources said that the suspect used .223 caliber, AR-15 style fire arm in the shooting.

As the news of the shooting spread, parents gathered near the school looking for their children wherethe students and staff after they have been evacuated. Those that died include students and adults said the sheriff Twelve were killed inside the building whhile two died outside.