Native Add-Ons Supported On Gmail Launched by Google – How To Use Gmail Add-Ons

gmail native add-ons

Google has approved third party add-ons in Gmail as promised earlier this year. Native add-ons will be offered inside Gmail from Tuesday, Oct. 24. The word “Native” has been used here meaning that users will no longer need to install all the add-ons in different environments such as Chrome and other platforms. Google has made it available on Gmail and are present on all platform once activated.

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How To Use Gmail Add-Ons

  • On the upper right corner of Google mail main page, Locate Settings icon.
  • Select “Get add-ons” from the list of options.
  • A G Suite market’s add-ons section for Gmail will open up. The list is small presently but will grow as time goes on.

In a post on a blog stated that Google spoke to developers telling them that they can “easily create add-ons for your app or your organization” which can be done by writing their add-on code once then it will run natively in Gmail on web and android “Instantly.”

Some of the Best Gmail Add-Ons You can Try Out

  • Hire Add-On : This is a good add-on for employer of small business. It allows users manage peoples data, this include resume uploads and the interesting thing is that, you do things without having to leave Gmail. Job applications can also be accessed using hire.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing Add-On : This is another add-on that business owners will find interesting. This Add-On allows users to create an invoice and also send it direct from Gmail.
  • Asana Add-On : This turns Customers, Clients and team mates Emails into a task that is trackable and accessible within Teams inside the add-on. The whole operations are performed in Gmail.
  • Trello Add-On : This add-on has similar functionality with Asana. Trello makes tasks that are based on collaboration very clear and easy to manage.

The next add-on that will soon be made available for users is DocuSign add-on which Google has given their word to come up with soon. DocuSign add-on will allow users to sign important documents directly in Gmail.

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These native Google add-ons are only working on desktop version of Gmail and enabled android platforms. Information on when Google add-ons will be made available on other platforms are not yet reviewed. Information gathered from a Google spokesperson Brooks Hocog, confirmed that the company is “working with Apple to bring Gmail Add-ons to iOS users.”

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