Oxigen Wallet Prepaid Visa | Features Of Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen wallet

Oxigen Wallet, brought to you by the house of Oxigen, India’s leading payment solutions provider, is the one stop shop for all your payment needs. Download the Oxigen Wallet app for seamless mobile recharges & bill payments, and enjoy shopping on your favorite online & offline stores with great deals & offers. You can also use Oxigen Wallet to create a prepaid card, for instant money transfers, hotel & bus ticket bookings, sending gift cards to friends & family, and much more.

Oxigen Wallet offers you an easy and safe way to pay online for anything everywhere, using its Prepaid VISA feature. That’s right! With VISA inside the new Oxigen Wallet App, you can now shop online on anywhere you see a VISA logo. Download the latest Oxigen Wallet App and Register with RBL Bank and get started.

Prepaid VISA is a prepaid card powered by VISA that is created using the Oxigen Wallet app. It is like any other multiple-use debit card with a 16-digit card number, expiry date and 3 digit CVV number, only that its virtual and saved within the Oxigen Wallet App. Also, the card is secured with a 4-digit PIN number (verified by VISA). After the card is created, the same can either be saved in the app for self-use or can be sent to friends and family via email or SMS.

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Features of Prepaid VISA Card

  • VISA powered card

Oxigen Wallet Prepaid VISA card is like any VISA debit card, only that its virtual and can be used for all online payments, wherever VISA is accepted.

  • It’s for everyone

Want to pay online but don’t own a bank account? Not a problem! All you need to own is the Oxigen Wallet App with VISA inside.

  • Virtual card

Forgot your wallet at home? Don’t sweat! A Prepaid VISA card is inside the Oxigen Wallet app in your mobile and so it’s accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy to create

Creating a Prepaid VISA card is easier than you think and can be done on the go. All you need to have is money in your Oxigen Wallet.

  • Prepaid Card

It’s a prepaid card, therefore, you can control how much you spend and thus remove credit risk. Also, this prepaid card can be gifted to anyone who doesn’t own a bank account.

Why You Should Get Oxigen Wallet Prepaid VISA Card

  • It’s for Everyone

You don’t need a bank account, just the Oxigen Wallet App in your phone.

  • It’s Prepaid

Prepay using Oxigen Wallet and only spend the amount you add in the card

  • It’s Secure

Backed with bank-grade security, it lets you pay online without sharing your bank a/c details.

  • It’s a VISA

It’s a virtual prepaid card powered by VISA & you can create it via Oxigen Wallet App.

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