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AT&T contact

Copy and transfer AT&T contacts that from your old phone to your new phone from your device app store and the steps in this article serves as a guide. Download AT&T Mobile Transfer app on both your old phone and your new phone from your device app store. You can also Transfer 6565 to receive a link to download the app. AT&T is an American conglomerate holding company and it is the world’s largest telecommunications company whose headquarters is located at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

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Procedure To Copy & Transfer AT&T Contact

The following steps will help you to copy and transfer AT&T contact successfully, just follow the steps.

  • First, on your browser, type in
  • Choose the brand and the model of the phone that you would like to copy from.
  • Then select the new phone that you would like to transfer including the brand and model of the new phone.
  • Next, choose the method that you like to use to copy and transfer the contacts which can either be through Store|Manuel or AT&T Mobile Transfer App.
  • If you want to transfer through AT&T Mobile Transfer app, download the app and complete the copy and transfer process by following the instructions.
  • Then if you want to transfer through “Store|Manual”, visit AT&T store or Device support center @

AT&T contact

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How To Use AT&T Mobile Transfer App

  • Download AT&T Mobile Transfer App on your Windows, Android and iOS phone.
  • Get your old phone and new phone connected to your Wi-fi network.
  • Open the Moile Transfer App.
  • Then on your Old phone, you will see “From this phone” on the screen, click on it and follow the steps until you see a barcode
  • code. You will need to make the transfer.
  • On your new phone, click on “To this phone” when it appears on the screen and follow the steps until you see a barcode reader.
  • Next is for you to scan the code on your old phone with the code reader on your new phone which will link both the devices.

NB: If you are switching between Android and iPhone, it is quick and easy.
AT&T Mobile Transfer appis a great data transfer alternative to Google Backup and iCloud.

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