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Yahoo! is a popular email Domain hosting Company with billions of users. Yahoo mail filters is very essential for Yahoo email users. One of the stressful thing about having lots of unread mails on your inbox, is the time to differentiate between important mails and non important ones. As a result of having lots of unread mails one might mistakenly over look important mail thinking its not important due to untidy inbox.

Also this can make one not to concentrate on a particular conversation. There is Yahoo mail filter unread inbox that can help you keep your inbox clean. With yahoo spam filter move to folder, you can create rules in Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail filters also serves as a Yahoo spam blocker.

This article will assist you on how you can use Yahoo email filter move to folder to redirect irrelevant mails or unwanted mails to a different folder meaning that one can actually stop certain incoming mail from hitting the inbox but rather moved to another folder in the mail box. With this Yahoo mail block spam filter feature, you will have a neat and clean inbox. This can do the work as a block email address yahoo by helping to stop yahoo spam mail. You can edit filter to suit your purpose in yahoo mail spam filter settings. 

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How To Block Emails on Yahoo | Yahoo Spam Filter | Yahoo Junk Mail Settings

This will be brief and easy.

Firstly: Filter Emails Through Yahoo mail spam filter settings

  • Open your Yahoo! mail box locate settings, on it click “FILTERS”                                                         
  • A new interface will come up, on it click on “ADD”                                                                        Yahoo filter
  • On the new page, choose any name you will use to remember the filter and type it on the box for filter name.  An example is given below;

Let’s say I want to filter an email like , I might decide to name or                    number my filter list. Here I will use number for filter name (1).

  • After filter name then choose a criteria or condition that the incoming mail will meet in other to be filtered.  This means what the mail will contain and where it will have such content. As you can see “from” ,  “To/cc”, “subject”, “Body”. Now I typed  and It must be seen on “from”

yahoo sign up

  • Lastly select where you want the mail to be redirected to then click save button.                                 Yahoo sign up
  • Secondly : Filter mails directly by Right clicking on the exact sender

This is a more easier step

  • On your inbox where you have list of mails from different addresses, just Right click anywhere on that particular mail you don’t want to redirect from coming into your Inbox.
  • An option will be provided. Locate and click “filter emails like this”
  • The filter page will come up with all settings already done. Just select the location where you wish to redirect that particular mail and click save.

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